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Ask | Adult Growth Group

Ask: Faith Questions in a Skeptical Age

Leader: Faith Parry
Location: Taylor Hall 207
Duration: 8 Weeks

Starts April 6th | We live in a skeptical age. People express doubts about Christian faith and wonder if there is any wisdom in following God at all. In this study, we will address hard questions that all of us face when considering faith, religion, and the church. Don’t let your questions stop you from accepting God’s invitation of faith. Engage your doubt.

The Questions We Will Cover:

  1. Can only one religion be true? 
  2. Why is there suffering and evil?  
  3. How can I believe in science and creation? 
  4. How can I believe in a God I can’t prove? 
  5. Can I trust the Old Testament?  
  6. Are marriage, sex, and family life religious issues? 
  7. Was Jesus' resurrection real? 
  8. Why do Christians disagree about so many things?

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