How Rested Are you

AE is a term that is used in Church circles when everyone tries to catch their breath.  AFTER EASTER.  There is such a build up to Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve for everyone involved in and around church.  All of the volunteers who open doors, greet, run lights, run sound, run the PowerPoint, clean the church, fold bulletins, prepare children’s programs, musicians and singers rehearsing prior to these dates.  As much as we prepare for these important dates it seems like all of the build up and “POOF”, they are gone and its on to the next big thing.  

The bottom line is that Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve are important services, but everything that was done for Easter and Christmas Eve is done every single week.  Each and every service is about every person walking into service and having a connection to the Lord.  Regardless of what kind of week we have had, God will meet you in your situation.  

I have a friend who is the worship pastor for a large church and during Holy week he rehearses with the band Tuesday night and Wednesday night for Easter.  Thursday afternoon rehearses for Thursday and Good Friday service. Then he leads a Communion service for Holy Thursday and then leads a completely different service for Good Friday.  Oh yea, he still does 2 Easter services on Saturday evening and 4 Easter services on Sunday.  Each and every service would not take place if volunteers did not make it happen.  They are just as exhausted as the Worship Leader.  So family time at Easter does involve a nap.

AFTER EASTER, or in the springtime, everyone starts talking about vacations.  Normally our mind is running a million miles an hour trying to do way too much on too little time. When we do make an effort to try to slow down or go on vacation the first thing we do is organize a schedule.  Now that’s relaxing!  I’m reminded of the movie “Vacation” when Chevy Chase travels all across the US to see the Grand Canyon. He and his wife look out of the vastness of the Grand canyon for 3 seconds he then nod’s his head a few times and says “lets go” cause they have to get to Wally World.  A band mate from Missouri once told me this about Floridians, “People are in such a hurry to get somewhere so they can relax”.

A few years ago my wife and I were one of 3 couples who traveled to Spain for 10 days.  We traveled in a van and had somewhat of an itinerary.  We were in Torremolinos and we were looking for a lunch spot around 2 pm.  It was siesta time and all, and I do mean all shops were closed for a nap.  I can just see the sign here in the states.  “Sorry we are closed for lunch and a nap and will return later this afternoon”.  Not going to happen.  There is such a different culture overseas where dinner might last 3-4 hours and the conversation and laughter could last deep into the night.  

What ever your form of rest or rejuvenation is, make it a point to put down what is stressing you out and find your quiet place and turn everything over to God. Let him work out all the details. Enjoy your family, friends or what ever your refuge is. Know that what we are doing today will be our past soon and it forms our character. Pull back the reigns and focus on what is important and keep that thought in the forefront of your mind to make this day count.

Matthew 11:28 New International Version (NIV)

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

God Bless