You're Giving Up What?

Ok, it is that time of year again when in the Christian community we will all get the question one time or another “What are you giving up for Lent?”  Some people are right in your face and want you to know what they are doing and how they will be doing it.  Others are more subdued in their offering for Lent.

The idea behind giving up something for Lent is based on Luke 9:23 “Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”  So, essentially it’s about self-denial, carrying our cross and following Jesus.  It is something that’s done in a prayerful way, so that we can wholly renew ourselves in Christ. That’s an important part of the process for you as an individual, but also as a family. If your family or your children choose to participate in a Lenten fast, make sure that praying together and reading the Bible is part of the experience.

I have had friends who did not give up anything for Lent, but instead did an “ADD TOO” each day.  You can be intentional to do something of meaning each day.  Buy some one lunch one day, take a lonely senior some candy, take an afternoon off and spend it with your kids.  BE INTENTIONAL.  Or another person created bags of food for the food bank, by picking up items each day and at the end of each week take the bag to the food pantry. Or read a story in the bible each day, just make you disciplined enough to do it everyday!

We have so much to be thankful for each day. I have shared I am making this year a year of thankfulness.  Through the tough year of loss last year, regardless of the circumstances I am thankful, and this year I am intentionally being thankful.  

My wife and I have a friend who has lost both of her parents and has had breast cancer in the past 5 years.  We have only seen her down a couple of times of the 15 years we have known her family. We all handle adversity differently and God gives the ability to handle everything in our own way. She has the intentionality everyday to make it a good day and be positive regardless of the circumstances.  We have always admired her attitude and her faith in all of the circumstances.

We have the choice everyday to make this the best day ever. Make a difference, in your life or someone else’s life during these 40 days of Lent.  Maybe just maybe that will be the catalyst to jump-start your new and improved self. 

May these 40 days be the best ever!