Love One Another

Years ago, I remember all Americans were saying baseball was the American pastime. Now, the culture has changed especially here in the south where college football reigns. Many pastors in the south have all voiced to me their number one question when coming to a new congregation is what college football team do you root for?

Just from my perspective, NFL football has lost passion because of all of the controversy over the last couple years where football players put their beliefs and agendas above what they are paid to do. We all go to our jobs each day and try to make ends meet. The climate of the America I know does not feel sorry for the millionaires who play a kids game and get treated like rock stars who want to be heard for their beliefs. There are ways to use your notoriety to better this land we love and many athletes have done just that.

But, I think the national pastime now has became an argument about the current administration, politician, Democrat or Republican. The news will spend a gross amount of time bashing what ever the network and/or the reporter wants to get behind. Yes there are stories which need to be heard, but there are stories where the compassion of people caring for others should be told.

I used to love to end the day watching the monologue of the late night shows just to unwind and get a few laughs. I cannot stand any of the late night shows anymore for the bashing reasons. Yet they get paid millions by networks who have their agenda to fulfill.

God wants us all to love one another. His greatest commandment is to love one another. Maybe we should look ourselves in the mirror every morning and ask a few questions to ourselves.

#1 Am I lying to myself? Tell the truth to yourself.

#2 Let what I value be more important than what I’ve got to have.

#3 I will not lead myself by myself.

You are responsible for you. Get someone in your life that is bold enough to tell you the truth so you do not get full of yourself. Guess what, every bad decision you have made you have been right in the middle of. People depend on you. Your family, your job, your employees, your friends. Are you leading your self well? The point is you cannot lead well if you are not leading your self well.

When you get up in the morning start a routine where you ask yourselves questions. Lead your self well now and the bad decisions you have made in the past will be in the past and the choices we make now will lead us to being a better person with better character. Maybe the national pastime could be compassion for one another, oh yeah, and world peace.

The song “We all Bleed the same” pretty much sums it up.

We all bleed the same

We’re more beautiful when we come together

We all bleed the same So tell me why, tell me why

We’re divided Woke up today

Another headline Another innocent life is taken

In the name of hatred

So hard to take And if we think that it’s all good

Then we’re mistaken

Cause my heart is breaking

Are you left? Are you right?

Pointing fingers, taking sides

When are we gonna realize?

So Father God, I pray

That our families will come together right now

And seek Your face

You will forgive our sins

And You will heal our incredible land

In the name of the only Savior, Jesus Christ


Have a great week.

Mike Conrad