Are you a God-Worshipper?

Over the years this is what I have heard about Sunday mornings from friends not able to make it to church.  At some point, all of these have been told to me.

  1. To tired
  2. To Sick
  3. I have to fix the toilet
  4. I don’t see how it will help me
  5. They’re just a bunch of hypocrites
  6. Too much hassle to get kids ready
  7. All they want is money
  8. I got in too late last night
  9. It’s Raining
  10. I don’t like the music

Regardless of what has been said, in today’s society, there are many distractions, which will keep you away from church on Sunday mornings.  Now many reasons are legit, and life happens Monday thru Saturday, and we are not in a cocoon to know that stuff happens.  Its how we conduct ourselves Monday thru Saturday in which we will make a big impact.  Small things can be done during the week that will keep you close to your faith.   

  1. On your commute, turn off your radio and have a conversation with God.  Pick a time and be consistent.
  2. Do one nice thing for someone every day.
  3. Think positive; no one wants to be around a negative “Nelly.”
  4. Hug your spouse/kids like you mean it once a day.
  5. Stop thinking about how we cannot do something and start thinking how can I succeed with the tools I have.
  6. Be Thankful.

In Psalm 22 verse 22 the psalmist talks about how he tells his friends what to expect when you come to worship, Regardless of your circumstances the last line says, “ He has been right there, listening”

Here’s the story I’ll tell my friends when they come to worship,
and punctuate it with Hallelujahs:
Shout Hallelujah, you God-worshipers;
give glory, you sons of Jacob;
adore him, you daughters of Israel.
He has never let you down,
never looked the other way
when you were being kicked around.
He has never wandered off to do his own thing;
he has been right there, listening.
— Psalm 22: 22-24, The Message

Are you a God-worshipper?  To be the worshipper, you have to celebrate surrender and know that God has never let you down and never looked the other way.   Certainly, there are times in my life I have been mad at God.  I did not understand the circumstances I was in or the prayers I have prayed that were not answered to my satisfaction.  But, over time I have tried to give up control and have more faith in His will not mine.  

In Psalm 29:29  “God makes his people strong. God gives his people peace”.  And in Matthew 11:28  “Come to me and I will give you rest.”

Apple had a slogan for its company and employees years ago.

We need to come up with something the public does not know it needs, but when they have it they cannot do with out it!

All of us in one way or another have a cell phone near us at all times.  Something we cannot do without.  We don’t have to have it but its something we have grown to depend on and rely on for our everyday lives.  Everything is at our fingertips.  

In these times do not forget that our God has never given up on us and he is always there to listen.  And you don’t need a phone for that.


Mike Conrad serves as our Worship Director. When he's not preparing for worship or playing an instrument, he enjoys spending time with his wife boating and fishing. Learn more about Mike here.