Going Deeper

The Core

Many of us were amazed as we watched the 2016 Summer Olympic Games from Rio de Janeiro a few weeks ago. The athletes we saw filled us with awe as we witnessed feats of enormous strength, grace, and speed.

In some individual sports, each athlete had to demonstrate he or she could perform certain compulsory moves to move on in the completion. They had to demonstrate competency in basic skills before they were allowed to combine those skills and enhance them for new and creative performances. We would never expect to see a gymnast who could only do a mediocre cart-wheel out on the mats at the Olympics.

In the Christian life, some fundamental beliefs and actions should be expected for any of us seeking to follow Christ in this world. For example, we would expect every Christian to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. We would also expect Christians to pray and spend time in Scripture. But what about other, deeper things?

That is exactly what the series "Christian to the Core" is all about. We will take a look at the Core Values of people who want to follow Christ.

These values were developed by Wes and Joy Griffin through their organization, the International Leadership Institute. They, along with their team, have taken these values and taught them to Christians, churches, and leaders in many different areas of the world. These people have used these values to transform their lives and the organizations they lead or work in.

The Core Values

  • Intimacy with God
  • Passion for the Harvest
  • A Visionary Life
  • Relevant Evangelism (Power of Your Story)
  • Multiplication of Disciples
  • Family Priority
  • Faithful Stewardship
  • Integrity (Holiness)

This fall, we will look at each of these values and apply them to our lives through sermons and Growth Group experiences. If you have not already joined a Growth Group, click here to find one for you! See what God can do in and through you, as you become Christian to the Core.




Alan Cassady serves as Senior Pastor at Navarre UMC, and has been at the church since 2011. When he's not preaching and teaching, he enjoys sci-fi movies and FSU Football. Read more about Alan here.