The Power of Parenting

The Partnership between Church and the Home

Every Children’s minister wants to offer programs from their church that attract lots of kids and offer substantive, age appropriate Bible programs that are fun, engaging and memorable.  We want our kids to know that God loves them that they are special, and we planned especially with them in mind as we selected and resourced these programs.

Even in our largest churches we are finding that we cannot compete with all the non-church related activities and resources that are added into the lives or our children and their families. We do not have the resources of Disney, or the exposure of the media, or the influence of the schools. I am not suggesting that any of these programs are all wrong or all right, but none has the singular focus for offering the life changing truth of the gospel of Jesus that the church does. That is our purpose: To love God and build His kingdom.

Many years ago, we relied on exciting, well-funded church programming to billow Christian values, morals and concepts into the lives of our children. But times have changed and statistically families are only attending church once or twice a month, for usually an hour at the most! Our strategies have to be different.

Additionally, and probably more important is in the area of influence. If we really want to invest in something that has most potential for influencing our children; it has to be with their families.

The core value of family is that God has given us family as the primary contact in which we practice, learn and live out the grace and truth God calls us to. It is both the easiest place to get started and the hardest place to consistently get it right.

It is important that we continue to look for ways to empower, equip and support families as they endeavor to practice and live out the truth of the Gospel in their homes. This is the best way to have the greatest impact on children and on the future of the church. This also will empower our homes and has the great potential of bubbling over into our neighborhoods, and communities into places the church has not been able to reach. 

We have a round table discussion for parents scheduled soon (click here), and I'd love for you to be a part of it. Let's talk about how we can partner together to share Christ with our Children and our community.



Lori Ferguson serves as Children's Director at Navarre UMC, and has been at the church since 2015. When she's not planning or teaching, she enjoys spending time with her grandkids. Read more about Lori here.